Friday, June 3, 2011

Road Accedents

Here in Peru ar e agiven. There are little to no rules of the road, well at least they are not enforced. For instance, a 2 lane road is really a 4 or 5 lane road. And yes a sidewalk is considered a lane. Everytime I get on public bus, 2-3 times a weeks, I like to assumethe worst. Calms me down, and carnage never happens. Go big and be relived/supprised when nothing happens, that´s what I say. HA!

I´ve see som FUCKED UP bus accedents here. Last wednesday a double decker bus turned into another resulting in a T-Bone passenger side of the bus turning. I don´t know a body count but it was bad. The bus hit was compleatly abbliterated on the impacted side. FIRE. Screeming. The whole shabang. Scary stuff.

Right, on a smallr scale. Monday I set off to Lima, par normal. My bus rearends another bus at a stop to ppickup people. Not huge, probobly nothing. WRONG! We look back and the bus is on fire. Panic insues; people and babies screaming, everyone is up and pushing, yelling, jumping through windows. Of course yelling is of no help. Clearly everyone does NOT want to be burned or exploded and trying to push one mass through a tiny door?- no good.

It´s not so dramatic but most people here don´t know how to drive or anything about cars. The engine and gas is all forward and the fire is small. All ends well, we ´escape´ unscathed! A couple of up scoop sand on the fire to put it out and then head off to another bus. The end!

This same day at the tattoo studeo in Miraflores I get a HUGE F´ing piece done. 6 hours laying on a table. My ink goes back of mid thigh down across the back of my knee and halfway down my calf. My artist there, Javier, is a GOD! He can put any photo in your skin, a perfect copie. My left leg, backside, is now a Javier gallery tribute. 3 masks all the way down mi leg. feliz! ps. behignd the knee is a bitch, holly crap! Wont be doing that again for a while.

Also, I´m on my way home. Arriveing June 23rd. If anyone is going up to San Juan island arround then I´ld love ya for ever. Bing y besos,


Friday, May 27, 2011


 in Peru I learn a new thing. This is wonderful. I truely belive that how we approach knowlage should define how we live our lives.

Yesterday I learned how to tattoo. I can see where it could be difficult for many but I found it simelar to welding. Not that welding is easy by anymeans.  And, as in welding, I look forward to practacing to getter down!!! Baller, I´m getting my system and machine on Tuesday. Neet :)

I have my system now and have started the fun times. It´s REALLY great to not have to schedual tattoos or travel to figgen Lime (2hrs via bus) to get inked. Just head to the back room in my house and off we go!!! I´ve chosen my feet as practice matirial. Mybe i´ll buy socks now, or not wear them at all. I´ve put a star, a tree, and a turnip on my left foot.

Also saw the new Pirates of the Carabian in Cini last night. In spanish and i´ll tell ya what: thank god my spanish has improved. HOT!! Although I do crave the Depp, I shall search for this film with not being dubbed into spanish.

In other news, I got engaged. Neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (who´da´thunk)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Time in Taxi, Again

Last night at 12am ish on my way back from getting inked I hopped into a cab for Lima center. The driver was a stout old man, maybe in his mid 50´s. The ride to my destination is 15min and the entire way he sung loud and clear meledies from A West Side Story. If you listioned carefully he´s not saying anything but his ocillations and tones where spot on. You know you´re safe when . . .

I also went on a legitimate date. Like food and drinks and a walk home. Wow, I don´t think i´ve ever done it the traditional way. Cool. Cross it off the bucket list. We´re going to the movies on Saturday.

And, who can say they´ve cross dressed with their 17 year old Peruvian brother? ME!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mamacita y Flaca

Sexy/beautiful and skinny girl, I can live with that. It´´s really neet to be called these names. Although is has been difficult to part with ´Gringa´I think I´ll live, tee hee. Actualy this is the first time in my life that i´m skinny and beautiful, cool, gush.  I´ve boughten myself booty shorts for the first time too. Very unlike me, i know, but they give my tat artists a perfect boarder line. And because my legs are officialy canvas, I feel comfortable wearing shorts. This is good.

A group of friends and I went to a park of fountians in center of Lima Saturday. We went at night when everything i lit up. Lovely. Some of the fountians are big arcs of water that you can walk under, other you can play in. The big fountian at the center has a water , music, and light show at 9pm. Fantastic! The show perjected like a computer, ballarinas danced in light IN the water. Very cool effects. Two parks are connected by an underground tunnel that goes under the street. Inside is information about the water system in Peru and how the park is able to continue without damage. Also a lot of emphasis on clean water efforts and water conservation. Like a museum. I´ld like to go back in the day sometime to play. It´s officialy winter here and FUCKING cold (I know for you washingtonions I shouldn´t bitch but hey, I don´t have a swetter). If I want to play in the water i´m gunna need some sun, and thank you please.
If you are interested in seeing my latesed beauty of 5hours long, look up Javier Vladimir Campos Alvarado on the Facebook. He is one of my artists in Lima. REALLY incredible work. He does portrates and realism. His Tattoos look like paintings or photos on skin. Also he put my leg as his home page pic, which is an honor. heres a link. . .!/javiervladimir.camposalvarado

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Right, here´s why it is wise to ware underware. Due to a lack of toilet paper here in Peru, and the incificiantcy of the shake dry, my jeans will inevitably smell like pee faster than when using paper. I´ve decided to not smell like urin as much and bite the bulette and ware panties.

In other news,my friends and i may be going to a water park thins weekend. This will essentialy be my first real tourist activity since being here for three months. Quite excited although it is getting quite cold here in the evenings. I shall run through fountans dispite the cold and be a man.

There are other things happening but I don´t want to jinx anything so i´ll not mention those till later on. well then. Good day.


Friday, May 6, 2011


And suffering from boardom. My schedual as of last week and this is now: tattoo day, help in the kitchen day, gym day. Tattoo, kitchen, gym, tattoo, kitchen, gym. Fun times but i REALLY miss working at the factory.

That job came to a close 2 weeks ago and my group moved to another factory close to Lima. I would have loved to continue with them but get this. . .no girls aloud in that factory. Go figure eh? It´s interesting to be aware of being a woman every day. Stares, whistleing, rules. And shockingly I don´t feel seperat when i´m at the gym. I was quite supprised when i first started attending that there wasn´t a lot of staring and good communication about sharing the equiptment.

Yesterday I was off to the gym and on my way i noteced a HUGE cloud of black smoke towering up through the nieghborhood. Re routing my direction to investigat i found that 4 houses had been burnt to the ground and people where still trying to put out the fire. I was supprised to see hundreds of people just standing arround, some even with empty buckets. I grabed a 5 gallen bucket from a man and started filling is with sand running up to the location of the fire and doucing flames. Another man saw what i was doing and hoped in my line of direction to do the second half with the bucket. He also had a bucket so now we where a good system of two backets i fill and run, he pours. Quite exciting!!

It was an emotional expereance for me because that shit is scary. A gas explosion is how it started and naturally the fire spred to the other houses. Their houses are made of plastic, cheep wood, and often roofs of dryed corn husks. Many screems and crys of pain, stuned faces; truely a devistating accurance. No person or animal was injured but everything inside, all possesions and now part of the sand. I don´t know how one recovers from something like that with no money and no insurance.

In other news,  I sent in my first of two visa applications to the embassy. This is a first for me and i´m head nothing but negative feedback from people pertaining to the impossibilitys. But personally i don´t like people like that who´ld rather sit at home and dwell on imposssibilities. If you don´t TRY you´ll never go anywhere. Even if the outcome is failure it´s NOT failure at all because one moved in a forward direction. STOP inhabilitating ourselves people!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Discovering Crist and Public Transit

For those of you unawarez---it´s easter. We´ve had the whole week off and I´ve had nothing but fish all week. I´ve asked what the deal is and all i get is that it´s for crist, and if your´re catholic you eat fish. But today I decided to use my college education and well traveled mind with the help of interwebs and investigat. The search was by no means difficult. Google is the home page on this comuter and it turns out that this easter business is pretty globle. Whoda thunk. ps. I´m not this thick just it´s all out of context ya know.

I have been in Lima for the past few days getting tattoed in Mirafloures. This is my first time to visit this section of Lima and WOW!!! It´s almost like Seattle. Supper clean, lots of activities, and GREAT public transportation. Kind of a culture shock in the street signs and lack of sand alone. After a bit of walking and taking it in, a felt like i was taking a visit to the states and what a great break.

The studio i´´m hangen out in these days is really like the states. Supper relaxed people, nice, and VERY talented artests and tattooests. There is also a visiting artisted from get this, Victoria BC. He´s been here 10 days and has very little spanish. This is fun because now i´m the translator and have found proof that I actualy DO speek spanish, few. It´s fun translating for him and chatting with his coworkers. It´s nice to feel relaxed and safe with compleat strangers for the first time in a while. I do trust the people i´m with here in the sticks but it´s still a REALLY poor area of Peru and ya kinda have to always have a shiled up of sorts. Also the conversations are different with people who have attended school.

I am filling up my left thigh with color tattoos and my left with black and white. I was trying to think about focasing on a theme or something organized, looking for patterns in what i already have. Here it is: The right more visualy aggressive and bold. Part of this is the realism of the style and part is the images.

The left is pictures of animals witch at first are cute but on closer examination, they are skellitons. The style is symple and the lines are perfect. I´m REALLY happy how the ink is holding up. And if I put my legs together, tee hee, it looks like my wolf is eating my fish. I love unplaned ´it was ment to happen´ ´what will be will be´type of things. Live your life that way and you´re bound to learn more :)

TRansit: They´ve got this buss system that is great! You buy a rechargable bus card and symply swipe it upon entree. Not unlike our Orca cards in Seattle. The bus goes direct to center of Lima city and over to Mirafloures, probobly more but i have not ridden more. People have been supper helpfull with my sort of lostness on this bus. Feliz!! Fun times meeting new strengers. Sigh. AND Lima is bigger than NYC by the by. I think I get bawlzie points for navigating alone AND in a different language. Prostitutes, killers, and normal folks lookout. (Well I might have madeout with my hot cab driver because my cab fair fell out of my pocket at some point in the evening. When it´s 12am at night I´m all for avoiding conflict)

The whole thing is a good reminder that even though i´m still an islander and fall easly into the safty of small communities, I am perfectly capible of fearless glob trotting elseware.

Well done Gringa!